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Dunn & Jones, Inc. Construction Services

Dunn & Jones is a full service turnkey construction firm. With years of successful business, Dunn & Jones has completed a diverse list of commercial, industrial and residential projects for both public and private sector clients.

Dunn & Jones's operations include general contracting, construction management and design/build. Historically, the firm has developed a reputation for on-time, within-budget performance. This tradition has aided in maintaining Dunn & Jones's position as an industry leader.

One of Dunn & Jones's primary strengths as a results-oriented builder is its "people" resource. The firm represents a management team committed to maintaining a leadership position in the construction industry and a legacy of successful work. That commitment is supported by a staff of highly qualified individuals who view each project as an opportunity to demonstrate professional competence.

The Dunn & Jones Approach

The building industry has changed significantly in recent years. The construction process is more complex and technically demanding of the Architect, Contractor and even the Owner. Today's environment requires the successful integration of numerous sequential activities.

Expertise in such areas as project feasibility analysis, value engineering, scheduling and cost control have become fundamental to project success. Contractor input during design phases has been established as an effective means of controlling cost, time and quality.

We feel the expertise provided during the design phase can make the greatest contribution to cost-effectiveness. However, construction operations have been responsible for Dunn & Jones's respected reputation as a successful, innovative construction firm.

We believe an owner is best served by a team approach where the Architect, Contractor and Owner work together to develop the most effective response to a construction need. Decisions made early in the design process have the greatest impact on cost and functionalism. A contractor's input during this phase can be extremely valuable by providing the design professional with up-to-date cost information, construction review and value engineering.

Dunn & Jones Pre-design Service

On occasion, we are asked to provide certain services prior to the start of design. Pre-design services may include site evaluation, recommendations and cost information during feasibility studies, review of function needs to determine project scope and assistance in developing the project budget.

The Dunn & Jones's organization is well-suited to the task of helping an owner with various preconstruction activities-from inception and project initiation through the entire design phase.

The Design Phase

Once the Architect has been selected, members of Dunn & Jones's staff will function as a resource to the project team by providing advice on site use and improvements; recommendations concerning construction feasibility and alternate systems and materials, preliminary budgets and areas of potential cost savings.

Working closely with the Architect and other consultants, Dunn & Jones's scheduling staff will help refine the project schedule, coordinating and integrating the design efforts with construction operations. As the design progresses, we will update the schedule periodically to reflect schedule changes.

A preliminary, or conceptual, estimate detailed by categories of work, will be prepared at the end of Schematic Design. Members of our estimating staff are among the industry's best, and much of our success has been built on their capabilities. This estimate begins the construction cost containment process and will become the benchmark from which costs are monitored throughout the design phase. Dunn & Jones will update, refine the budget and presented to the owner for approval at each major design phase. We will bring changes in the line items to the attention of team members and recommendations for appropriated corrective action will be made.

Construction Phase Services

Dunn & Jones's role during construction is to deliver the project within the specified time, with quality results. Performance during this phase of a project is popular as a measurement of the Contractor's real talent. Although we feel the expertise provided during the design phase can make the greatest contribution to cost-effectiveness, construction operations have been responsible for Dunn & Jones respected reputation as a successful, innovative construction firm.

During construction we manage the work as though we are building for ourselves. With the critical eye of a developer, our field staff views each project as an opportunity to make a professional statement.


A qualified staff provides continuous inspection and surveillance of the work. As required by each project, specified portions of the work are inspected, tested and documented for review. Dunn & Jones's project management staff works to insure that the quality of materials and workmanship called for in the contract documents are maintained.

Reporting and Payment Requests

During the construction, we provide the Owner with periodic progress reports in the form of updated schedules, activity listing and monthly progress payment schedules, activity listing and monthly progress payment estimates. Any changes to the schedule resulting from approved change orders are reflected in the schedule update.

Dunn & Jones staff and the owners' representatives verify progress claimed by subcontractors before being entered in the progress billing system. Monthly billings are furnished to the level of detail and substantiation necessary to meet the requirements of the owner.

Job Site Records

All records for the project including correspondence, billings and record drawings are maintained. in the job site office. The field supervision staff maintains as-built drawings always indicating locations of all concealed work and approved deviations from the contract drawings.

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